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Heavy Industrial

Cadiz #2 Cryogenic Gas Plant

Cadiz, Ohio

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Heavy Industrial

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The challenge

Constructing the second phase of the Cadiz natural gas processing plant posed several challenges. The project required adding substantial production capacity to keep up with surging demands of Marcellus and Utica shale, within an aggressive six-month timeframe. The site’s limited space for material storage, equipment staging, and laydown area further complicated logistics. The need to work adjacent to the fully operational Cadiz No. 1 plant, while efficiently coordinating labor, equipment and materials, added a layer of complexity.

The plant separates gas liquids such as ethane, propane, butane and pentane to produce pipeline quality natural gas through cryogenic processing. Alberici executed the project under an accelerated five-month schedule and self-performed a large portion of the total scope of work. Alberici’s scope of work included all mechanical, civil, electrical, and instrumentation for ISBL and OSBL construction, as well as installation of a 4,500 horsepower refrigeration unit. The team installed nine different piping systems and erected extensive pipe rack systems that included more than 500 pieces of structural steel. Alberici also placed more than 3,000 cubic yards of concrete for the plant’s foundations and set 62 pieces of heavy equipment, including tanks, vessels, pumps, condensers, coolers, fans, piping skids and piping modules.

Key Facts

500 pieces of structural steel erected

62 pieces of industrial process equipment set

Zero recordable injuries

Challenge met

Alberici tackled these challenges with a well-coordinated approach. To relieve site congestion and enhance safety, Alberici bussed in the entire 300-person workforce from an off-site location. Understanding the time-sensitive nature of the project, our team skillfully managed all aspects of construction, from mechanical and civil work to electrical and instrumentation installation. This included the precise placement of over 3,000 cubic yards of concrete for foundations and setting 62 pieces of heavy industrial processing equipment.

Successful completion of the $39 million project within the tight timeframe showcased Alberici’s commitment to delivering quality results in the face of challenging constraints, ensuring MarkWest Utica EMG’s production capacity met the rapidly growing regional demand.

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