Kiewit Energy Canada and ExxonMobil Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Fabricating and delivering complex structural steel to the Athabasca oil sands

Kearl Oil Sands Froth Treatment Facility partnering steel fabrication

Partnering as a key subcontractor and supplier

To support construction of the Kearl Oil Sands Froth Treatment Facility, Alberici’s steel fabrication division, Hillsdale Fabricators, supplied more than 500 equipment modules consisting of 20,000 tons of structural and miscellaneous steel. Serving as a subcontractor to Kiewit Energy Canada, Alberici was a sole-source provider of steel on the expansion phase of the project.

Kearl Oil Sands Froth Treatment Facility interior, steel fabrication

Extensive steel module fabrication and delivery

Under multiple subcontracts, Alberici’s scope of work included fabrication, delivery, connection design, detailing, fireproofing, and material procurement. All steel was fabricated at Alberici’s 250,000-square-foot facility in St. Louis in accordance with Canadian Welding Bureau standards before being shipped more than 1,800 miles to Edmonton for assembly.

Kearl Oil Sands Froth Treatment Facility steel fabrication

Repeat business

Alberici met demanding schedule requirements on the project by increasing production while maintaining the highest standards for safety and quality. As a result of the team’s strong performance during the Kearl Initial Development phase, Alberici negotiated the steel contract for the Kearl Expansion Project at the request of the owner.

Kearl Oil Sands Froth Treatment Facility safe bitumen, steel fabrication

Safe, economical bitumen processing

With 5.5 billion barrels of recoverable bitumen, Kearl is one of Canada’s largest and highest quality oil sands deposits. Jointly owned by ExxonMobil Canada and Imperial Oil, Kearl’s long-term success depends on the Froth Treatment Facility, which converts recovered bitumen to a diluted form that can be transported by pipeline.