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Heavy Industrial

Kearl Oil Sands Froth Treatment Facility

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Fabricating and delivering complex structural steel to the Athabasca oil sands


Heavy Industrial

Key Services

Steel Fabrication

Strategic Partnerships

Delivery Method
General Contracting (GC)
18,000 metric tons of steel

The challenge

Supporting the Kearl Oil Sands Froth Treatment Facility’s construction came with the demanding task of providing over 500 equipment modules comprising 20,000 tons of structural and miscellaneous steel. With extensive logistics and stringent quality standards, our role as a steel supplier and subcontractor was crucial for the expansion phase of the project.

Key Facts

18,000 metric tons of structural steel

517 steel modules

1,800 miles of shipments

Challenge met

Our steel fabrication division, Hillsdale Fabricators, navigated the complexities of the Kearl Oil Sands Froth Treatment Facility project with meticulous planning and execution. As a sole-source provider of steel for Kiewit Energy Canada, we managed fabrication, delivery, connection design, detailing, fireproofing, and material procurement.

By utilizing our 250,000 SF facility in St. Louis and adhering to Canadian Welding Bureau standards, we effectively produced the required steel modules and shipped them 1,800 miles to Edmonton. We met the project’s rigorous schedule while maintaining top-tier safety and quality standards.

Our success during the Kearl Initial Development phase led to the opportunity to handle the Kearl Expansion Project’s steel contract, a testament to our performance. This support plays a vital role in the long-term viability of the Kearl Oil Sands Froth Treatment Facility, one of Canada’s largest and highest quality oil sands deposits.

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