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Lean Edge

Building a culture of lean for a better construction process for all.

Reducing waste, improving efficiency, and adding value.

Embracing Lean construction is not just a process; it’s a profound shift in behavior and culture that affects every aspect of a project. At Alberici, we believe that by creating an ecosystem of collaboration, we create a better construction process for everyone involved – from our employees to our clients to our trade partners.

Alberici’s Lean Edge practice builds on that collaborative culture to reduce waste, improve efficiency, and add value.

Our people are what gives our Lean program its edge.

Lean Edge has a dedicated staff to facilitate the culture shift toward a Lean approach to project management. Each project has a Lean Champion who works with key stakeholders to set priorities and expectations on how we move forward as a team.

Lean Edge comprises five practices that set the tone for success:

  • Team Building & Alignment
  • Conditions of Satisfaction (CoS)
  • Big Room
  • Last Planner® System
  • Facilitation, Coaching, & Training

Integrating these practices allows us to make continuous improvements that produce a superior project for our clients and ensures the right people, right equipment, and right materials are on every project at the right time.