BioAmber Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Building the world’s largest bio-succinic acid processing plant

World Class Chemical Processing Plant

Working collaboratively to deliver a world-class chemical processing plant

As a key member of the BioAmber team, Alberici served as construction manager for the sustainable chemical company’s new bio-based succinic acid processing facility in Sarnia, Ontario. Converting more than 30,000 tons of renewable feedstock into chemicals for use in a wide variety of everyday products each year, the plant is the largest commercial bio-succinic acid processing facility in the world.

Processing plant secure brownfield site

Building on a secure brownfield site

Constructed on a brownfield site within the campus of an operational chemical facility, Alberici managed construction of the entire plant, including a four-story process building, office space, laboratories, and a shipping and receiving warehouse. As construction manager, Alberici procured and installed significant process and utility equipment, including several thousand linear feet of process piping. To ensure the integrity of the equipment and process systems, Alberici installed insulated panels to clad the facility’s structural steel frame, which was constructed on deep foundations consisting of more than 200 piles.

processing plant aerial view

Finding solutions to numerous challenges

To successfully deliver this complex project, Alberici overcame a number of obstacles, including a bitterly cold winter with record-breaking snowfall. In addition, careful sequencing of engineering, procurement, and construction activities was critical to facilitate accelerated commissioning.

processing plant safety

Award-winning safety performance

The BioAmber team performed more than 600,000 safe workhours without a lost time incident. As a result, the project received the Ontario Infrastructure Health & Safety Association’s John M. Beck award for excellence in safety. The prestigious award is presented annually to a single project that demonstrates extraordinary leadership, initiative, creativity, and innovation in addressing health and safety issues.