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Heavy Industrial

K+S Legacy Mine Process Plant

Dufferin, Saskatchewan, Canada

Marshalling resources to manage risk in the world’s harshest conditions


Heavy Industrial

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The challenge

Constructing the main processing facility at the Legacy Project potash mine in a remote area of Saskatchewan presented a range of formidable challenges. The site’s isolation required effective management of logistics and resource availability. The project demanded swift execution due to a fast-track schedule, intensified by extreme winter weather with fierce winds buffeting the site and temperatures regularly dropping below negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This challenging environment was further complicated by a scarcity of skilled local labor and competition for heavy equipment in the thriving western Canadian construction market.

The complexity of the project, involving the installation of more than 26,000 tons of steel, 500 pieces of equipment, and nine multilevel structures, necessitated precise coordination.

Key Facts

26,000 tons of steel fabricated and erected

515 pieces of equipment and modules set

10 heavy cranes deployed

Challenge met

We developed detailed sequencing plans, enabling efficient installation of owner-supplied equipment modules within enclosed structures. The decision to self-perform steel fabrication and erection allowed for just-in-time deliveries, tightly controlling both cost and schedule.

To combat the harsh winter conditions and labor shortages, we adopted a multifaceted approach. Utilizing equipment from our own fleet, including an 850-ton crawler crane, we ensured steady progress despite the adverse weather. Leveraging our traveling craft personnel, we mobilized a peak workforce of 300. Alberici’s effective resource management and strategic sequencing resulted in the successful completion of the $148 million project, allowing K+S Group to realize the Legacy Project’s significant potash production capacity.

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