Holcim (US), Inc. Bloomsdale, Missouri, United States

Building the largest, most-advanced single-kiln cement plant in the world

Holcim Ste. Genevieve Cement Plant Massive Plant general contractor

Massive plant, cutting-edge technology

An Alberici joint venture served as construction manager/general contractor for Holcim’s Ste. Genevieve cement plant, which is among the most advanced cement plants of its kind. The state-of-the-art plant’s single kiln is 300 feet long by 21 feet in diameter. It has a production capacity of 12,000 tons of clinker (a cement product phase) per day, making it the largest single clinker production line in the world.

Holcim Ste. Genevieve Cement Plant Collaborative construction general contractor

Collaborative construction management

As construction manager, Alberici collaborated with Holcim and the design team to provide a full range of preconstruction services, including schedule development, budget estimates, equipment and material procurement, value engineering and cost alternatives, constructability review, planning and permitting assistance, and bid package preparation. Alberici also managed civil, mechanical and electrical work associated with installation of the plant’s complex cement processing equipment.

Holcim Ste. Genevieve Cement Plant Big Facilities general contractor

Big facilities deserve big capabilities

As general contractor on this massive $973 million project, Alberici was responsible for construction of all primary and secondary crushers, limestone dome, 360,000-square-foot additives storage building, kiln, and several concrete silos reaching individual heights of 275 feet. Alberici activated our skilled workforce and heavy equipment fleet to complete the project on time and on budget. In total, Alberici managed more than 2,250 skilled workers during peak construction and performed a total of 6,200,000 workhours during the life of the project.

general contractor Holcim Ste. Genevieve Cement Plant Installing Equipment

Installing world-class process equipment

Alberici procured and installed the most advanced equipment and technology available, which enabled the plant to attain extremely low emission levels. In total, Alberici procured 130 pieces of process equipment from 25 different countries. To achieve Holcim’s production goals, Alberici integrated early start-up and commissioning activities of process equipment into several aspects of the preconstruction and construction phases, including in-depth training for plant operations and maintenance personnel.

Holcim Ste. Genevieve Cement Plant Integrated River Access general contractor

Integrated river access

The Ste. Genevieve plant also required construction of a 1,000-by-400-foot river terminal and barge load-out facility on the Mississippi River. Construction of the new harbor included extensive dredging and installation of moorings, cells, rip rap and dolphins to accommodate fluctuation of the Mississippi River. Land-based marine facilities include a new dock and load-in/load-out conveyors. Alberici used our fleet of marine equipment and nearby port access in St. Louis to preassemble and phase shipping of major components during construction.