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Heavy Industrial

Holcim Ste. Genevieve Cement Plant

Bloomsdale, Missouri

Building the largest, most advanced single-kiln cement plant in the world


Heavy Industrial

Key Services




Strategic Partnerships

Delivery Method
General Contracting (GC)
Work Hours
6.2 million

The challenge

Overseeing construction of Holcim’s Ste. Genevieve cement plant – one of the most advanced of its kind – presented monumental challenges. Erecting the world’s largest single clinker production line demanded intricate coordination, efficient procurement of cutting-edge equipment from around the globe, and managing the assembly of various components within the project’s vast scope.

Key Facts

12,000 tons of clinker per day

130 pieces of heavy process equipment

6.2M work hours

Challenge met

Collaborating closely with Holcim and the design team, Alberici executed an array of preconstruction services like schedule formulation, budget estimates, and value engineering. Our workforce undertook the intricate civil, mechanical, and electrical work needed to integrate the complex cement processing equipment.

As general contractor, we executed the project’s massive components, including constructing critical elements like primary and secondary crushers, a large additives storage building, 275-foot silos, and the kiln. Employing a skilled workforce and heavy equipment fleet, we adhered to budget and schedule, managing over 2,250 workers during peak construction.

Environmental compliance was paramount. We sourced and installed state-of-the-art equipment to achieve exceptional emission standards. Integrating early start-up and commissioning phases, we delivered rigorous training to plant operators and maintenance staff. The project also necessitated constructing a river terminal, complete with dredging and marine facilities. Our strategic use of marine equipment and port access streamlined major component assembly and shipping.

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