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Emporia Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

Emporia, Kansas

Innovative infrastructure reuse and uninterrupted plant operations



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Strategic Partnerships

Delivery Method
Progressive Design-Build (PDB)
11 MGD

The challenge

Upgrading the City of Emporia’s sole wastewater treatment plant while adhering to stringent discharge limits and a tight municipal budget presented considerable challenges. The project modernized the facility, accommodated anticipated growth for the next three decades, handled peak wet weather treatment flow, and reduced energy costs. Additionally, ensuring the plant’s uninterrupted operation during construction was critical.

Key Facts

DBIA Mid-America Region Merit Award Winner

Self-performed all excavation, equipment installation, yard, and process pipe

3% budget reduction

Challenge met

CAS Constructors, an Alberici Enterprise, managed the challenges posed by the City of Emporia’s wastewater treatment plant upgrade. Employing a progressive design-build method, the project balanced innovative solutions with budget constraints.

To optimize resources, the team ingeniously repurposed existing infrastructure, replacing the need for separate anaerobic/anoxic basins with an Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge (IFAS) process integrated into the existing aeration basin.

Key enhancements included influent pump replacements, advanced headworks fine screening, and the introduction of IFAS BNR basins with various zones, accompanied by large bubble mixing and high-speed turbo blower systems.

During construction, CAS collaborated closely with plant operations to ensure continuous operation through methodical transition plans. Rigorous risk assessment and contingency strategies for each phase guaranteed uninterrupted wastewater treatment.

CAS Constructors’ strategic approach facilitated the plant’s compliance with stringent discharge limits, prepared the facility for future growth, and enhanced operational efficiency, all while staying within budget.

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