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Platte West Water Treatment Plant

Omaha, Nebraska

Meeting Omaha’s water needs for the next 50 years



Key Services


Delivery Method
General Contracting (GC)
104 MGD

The challenge

Alberici was tasked with building a 104 MGD greenfield water treatment plant, significantly boosting the Metropolitan Utilities District’s treatment capacity and meeting Omaha’s drinking water needs for the next 50 years. This colossal project, spanning 630,000 SF, demanded careful management due to its scale and complexity. Harsh weather conditions, including severe winters and increased rainfall, added to the challenge, necessitating adaptability and resilience in the construction process.

Key Facts

104,000 CY of structural concrete and 14,000 tons of rebar

Peak workforce: 450 people

Building enclosed a total of 630,000 SF

Challenge met

Alberici implemented a meticulous plan involving precise coordination and sequencing of construction activities. The expertise of more than 450 craft personnel ensured the successful completion of major components, from the main water treatment facilities to underground disinfection reservoirs. Adept project management was crucial in handling immense quantities of materials like concrete, backfill, and rebar. The team’s adaptability and dedication shone through, allowing us to overcome adverse weather conditions and deliver the project on time, ensuring Omaha’s future water needs are met sustainably and reliably for the next half-century.

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