City of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Back at it! Historic restoration to water treatment plant originally constructed in the 1930s by Alberici

Woodward Avenue Water Treatment Plant historical architecture

Historic architectural and structural renovations

The original Woodward Avenue Water Treatment Plant was constructed by Alberici in the 1930s. Almost 80 years later, the City returned to Alberici for restoration, process, and building upgrades. Our team replaced the entire plant’s superstructure in and around existing and active water treatment processes and upgraded the high-lift pumping station, filter building, and nine ancillary buildings.

Woodward Avenue Water Treatment Plant complex sequencing

Complex sequencing to maintain operations

As Hamilton’s main source of drinking water, the plant needed to remain operational during construction. Alberici carefully sequenced the work, keeping the plant running while ensuring construction proceeded in a timely manner. Our team completed the project in two phases to minimize disruptions to water production during peak demand, particularly in the summer months.

Woodward Avenue Water Treatment Plant record breaking cold

Record-breaking cold

Alberici executed building restoration work during an exceptionally frigid Ontario winter to accommodate tight timelines and sequencing requirements. To ensure superstructure concrete and mortar cured properly in these extreme conditions, Alberici insulated building facades and provided temporary heat. In addition, we constructed temporary heated structures to properly store climate-sensitive supplies and equipment.

Woodward Avenue Water Treatment Plant never without clean water

Never without clean water

Because the plant is vital to the drinking water needs of the surrounding community, Alberici established back-up measures to ensure an uninterrupted flow of water during construction. Our team installed a temporary pumping system, complete with new valves and electrical back up system for use in emergencies. Alberici developed detailed emergency procedures to activate the back-up system.