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Woodward Avenue Water Treatment Plant

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Historic restoration to water treatment plant originally constructed in the 1930s



Key Services


Delivery Method
General Contracting (GC)
240 MGD

The challenge

Alberici faced several challenges in the restoration and upgrade of the historic Woodward Avenue Water Treatment Plant. The primary complexity lay in executing extensive renovations, process enhancements, and superstructure replacements while maintaining the plant’s operational status. Given the plant’s crucial role as Hamilton’s major drinking water source, ensuring uninterrupted water production during construction was essential. The project team also had to contend with Ontario’s harsh winter conditions, necessitating specific strategies to ensure proper curing of concrete and mortar, and safeguarding climate-sensitive materials.

Key Facts

Original plant was constructed by Alberici in the 1930s

Project of the Year, Ontario Public Works Association

Ontario Builders Award, Ontario General Contractors Association

Challenge met

Alberici addressed these challenges through a well-coordinated approach. To sustain water production, the project was executed in two phases, minimizing disruptions during peak demand periods. The team ensured seamless plant operation by installing a temporary pumping system, supported by new valves and an electrical backup system for emergency situations. Emergency protocols were also established for activating the backup system, guaranteeing continuous water supply.

The project’s winter work was managed by insulating building facades and deploying temporary heating solutions, ensuring proper curing of superstructure concrete and mortar. Temporary heated structures were erected for safe storage of climate-sensitive materials. Alberici’s strategic planning, seamless sequencing, and proactive measures resulted in the successful restoration and upgrade of the Woodward Avenue Water Treatment Plant.

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