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Wichita Water Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) Phase II

Wichita, Kansas

Providing sustainable drinking water for the City of Wichita



Key Services



Strategic Partnerships

Delivery Method
Progressive Design-Build (PDB)
30 MGD

The challenge

The City of Wichita faced a critical threat to its water supply as the Equus Beds aquifer, their primary water source, was depleted. This water scarcity necessitated an urgent solution to replenish the aquifer and ensure adequate drinking water supply. The challenge was to design and build an advanced water treatment facility that draws water from the Little Arkansas River and implement innovative processes to purify it before replenishing the aquifer.

Key Facts

National Award of Merit, Water/Wastewater, Design-Build Institute of America

State Building Awards, Award of Honor, AGC of Kansas

Value engineering provided 28% cost savings

Challenge met

In a design-build partnership, an Alberici joint venture delivered a comprehensive solution that included a river water intake, advanced water treatment plant with membrane filtration and advanced oxidation, and a high service pump station. The intake structure pumped up to 60 million gallons of water per day from the river, which underwent thorough filtration to remove impurities. The water treatment process involved membrane filtration and advanced oxidation, ensuring the removal of contaminants like atrazine. The team’s value engineering approach resulted in a 28% cost reduction compared with initial estimates. A notable innovation was relocating the pre-sedimentation basin closer to the discharge point to reduce long-term operational costs.

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