Buzzi Unicem USA Festus, Missouri, United States

Major Production Expansion without Disruption to Ongoing Operations

Efficient Cement Plant Construction

​Alberici served as general contractor for a 7,000-ton-per-day (TPD) expansion of Buzzi Unicem USA’s Festus cement plant. The expansion involved replacement of key portions of Buzzi’s existing 40-year-old plant with an innovative preheater pyrotechnology system that allows for more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective cement production. The complex project was completed on a highly congested site under an aggressive 24-month schedule without disruption to Buzzi’s ongoing production operations.

Coordinating & Performing Complex Installation

Alberici worked with Buzzi and the design team to coordinate equipment vendors, eliminating fit-up issues and ensuring proper installation. With some sections weighing more than 150 tons, Alberici used its own skilled workforce to self-perform installation of complex process equipment. Key components included a 550-ton-per-hour (TPH) roller raw mill, 190-TPH vertical roller finish mill, clinker cooler, bag house, material handling systems, a 212-foot-long by 18-foot diameter kiln, and a 400-foot-tall cyclone preheater tower.

Leveraging River-based Resources

Alberici’s experience working on inland waterways resulted in significant cost and schedule savings. Using our expansive fleet of marine equipment and the plant’s existing river terminal, Alberici sequenced material deliveries and created additional workspace in a tight site. Alberici also erected a massive 4100 ringer crane on the shore to allow for more efficient barge delivery of key equipment and keep the project on schedule.