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Heavy Industrial

Festus Cement Plant Expansion

Festus, Missouri

Major production expansion without disruption to ongoing operations


Heavy Industrial

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Delivery Method
General Contracting (GC)
Self Perform %
7,000 tons per day

The challenge

The 7,000-ton-per-day expansion of Buzzi Unicem USA’s Festus cement plant posed multifaceted challenges. Replacing parts of an existing 40-year-old plant with an innovative preheater pyrotechnology system that allows for more environmentally friendly and cost-effective cement production required meticulous coordination and precise installation. Completing this complex project within a critical 24-month timeline while ensuring continuous production operations on this congested site added a layer of intricacy.

Key Facts

7,000-tons-per-day expansion

150-ton equipment modules

76% self-perform

Challenge met

As the general contractor, we confronted these challenges with strategic expertise. Collaborating closely with Buzzi and the design team, we orchestrated equipment vendors, eliminating fit-up issues. Our seasoned workforce handled the intricate process equipment installation, including the hefty 550-ton-per-hour roller raw mill, 190-ton-per-hour vertical roller finish mill, and a 400-foot-tall cyclone preheater tower.

Leveraging our inland waterways experience, Alberici capitalized on cost and schedule efficiencies. By employing our marine equipment fleet and the plant’s river terminal, material deliveries were streamlined, and workspace was optimized. Erecting a substantial ringer crane on the shore facilitated efficient barge equipment delivery, ensuring project adherence to the demanding schedule. The successful outcome underlines our prowess in executing intricate industrial expansions seamlessly.

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