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R.L Clark & F.J Hogan Zebra Mussel Control System Upgrades

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A major renovation of Zebra Mussel Control Systems for Toronto’s water supply



Key Services




Virtual Design & Construction

Delivery Method
General Contracting (GC)
Self Perform %
800 MLD, 615 MLD

The challenge

The aging Zebra Mussel Control Systems at R.L Clark and F.J Horgan Water Treatment Plants required replacement due to their expired service life and inability to keep up with Zebra Mussel growth. Alberici faced the challenge of modernizing these systems while ensuring uninterrupted water treatment operations. This included upgrading the pre-chlorination, zebra mussel control, and water sampling systems at both plants, and installing a new Lake Current Monitoring System at R.L Clark for continuous data monitoring.

Key Facts

2023 Best of Best Project Achievement Award from TCA

Upgraded 14 km of HDPE piping in underwater installations

3D modeling for prefabrication of piping, streamlining on-site assembly, saving schedule

Challenge met

Alberici adapted to the complex marine scope in Lake Ontario, which involved the installation of 14 kilometers (8.7 miles) of 4-inch High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) piping across both plants’ intakes and a 1.8 kilometer (1.1 mile) hybrid fiber-optic cable at R.L Clark. Alberici used laser scanning and 3-D modeling to optimize construction processes, prefabricating stainless piping, and assembling equipment off-site for efficient deployment. Collaborating with the consultant, we custom-engineered watertight seals for underwater piping and cable, avoiding any flooding risks associated with conventional drilling methods. This project also involved specialized  work procedures within the plant, as some of the work was completed below lake level, which involved rigorous safety protocols such as flood mitigation measures, fall protection measures, on-site decompression chambers, and involvement with the Ministry of Labour.

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