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Houston Water Works NEWPP Dewatering Building

Houston, Texas

Meeting drinking water needs for the nation’s fourth largest city



Key Services


Steel Fabrication

Delivery Method
General Contracting (GC)
320 MGD

The challenge

Constructing the dewatering building and thickened sludge equalization basins for the City of Houston’s Northeast Water Purification Plant expansion posed significant challenges. The expansion aimed to increase the plant’s capacity by 320 million gallons per day, transitioning from groundwater to surface water to meet projected potable water needs. The intricate nature of the dewatering building’s systems and the complexity of the basin construction required careful coordination and precise execution.

Key Facts

725 tons of structural steel fabricated by Hillsdale Fabricators

Allowed the city to shift from historical groundwater usage to a predominant reliance on surface water

Challenge met

Construction of the three-story dewatering building and the sludge basins commenced while structural steel design was still in progress. This approach allowed no schedule float, ensuring critical structural work proceeded without delays.

To facilitate a tight schedule, Alberici leveraged its subsidiary, Hillsdale Fabricators, for the fabrication of 725 tons of structural steel. This collaboration allowed for the timely delivery of essential components. Alberici coordinated with structural engineers to finalize the design, allowing for adherence to the schedule.

Through skillful planning, Alberici managed to successfully construct the dewatering building, thickened sludge equalization basins, and associated systems. This expansion
marks a significant step in enhancing the water purification plant’s capacity and infrastructure to meet the City of Houston’s water demands, highlighting Alberici’s expertise in delivering complex and critical infrastructure projects.

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