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Heavy Industrial

Enlow Fork Oak Springs Slope

Graysville, Pennsylvania

Using innovation for more efficient mine shaft construction


Heavy Industrial

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Delivery Method
General Contracting (GC)
Self Perform %
2,568 Feet

The challenge

Alberici undertook the task of excavating and constructing a 2,568-foot over/under slope entry at Consol Energy’s Enlow Fork coal mine in western Pennsylvania, which processes 28 million tons of coal annually and is among the largest coal production facilities in the United States. Both the Enlow Fork slope and nearby Bailey Mine needed to be fully operational in less than three years from the notice to proceed with construction. This tight schedule required innovative strategies to ensure timely completion while overcoming regional equipment and labor shortages.

Key Facts

Pennsylvania’s first permissible diesel-powered mucker

2,568-foot-long slope

25,900 cubic yards of excavated rock

Challenge met

Employing drill and shoot excavation methods, Alberici efficiently removed 25,900 cubic yards of rock. After reviewing lessons learned from past mining projects, Alberici worked closely with MSHA and the Pennsylvania DEP to gain approval for the state’s first permissible diesel-powered mucker. In the face of a demanding schedule, a pioneering solution was the introduction of a diesel-powered mucker, a customized Caterpillar 953 loader, which not only enhanced productivity but also adhered to stringent safety standards. Furthermore, Alberici established an on-site equipment maintenance shop, bolstering operational efficiency.

Leveraging our diverse fleet of construction equipment and a self-performing craft workforce from across North America mitigated the impact of regional labor and equipment shortages. This resourceful approach ensured project continuity and allowed Alberici to adhere to the timeline, successfully completing the challenging 2,568-foot, 14-degree slope entry in a way that allows the mine to realize a 15-20 percent cost savings to the muck cycle by using more efficient equipment.

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