Arlington County Arlington, Virginia, United States

Performing a major wastewater treatment plant expansion on an extremely tight site

Arlington Water Pollution Control Plant Phase 7B Collaboration

Adding capacity while reducing pollution

Alberici upgraded Arlington County’s Water Pollution Control Plant and expanded its capacity from 30 MGD to 40 MGD without interrupting plant operations. The project was part of the Environmental Protection Agency’s consent decree to reduce the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus entering the Chesapeake Bay.

Arlington Water Pollution Control Plant Phase 7B Big and Complex

Big and complex, a perfect job for Alberici

The project required construction of three new primary clarifiers, renovation of six existing secondary clarifiers, and expansion of the existing aeration basins including new blower piping and equipment. The team also constructed mixed liquor flow distribution structures, foam collection pump station, surface waste pump station, secondary clarifiers pump station, backwash storage tanks, and primary effluent flume.

Arlington Water Pollution Control Plant Phase 7B Collaboration

Collaboration to lower costs and accelerate schedule

Alberici’s low bid was over the County’s budget, necessitating a collaborative value engineering effort. Through partnering sessions with the owner, Alberici provided more than $29 million in cost savings and reduced the original program schedule by six months.

Arlington Water Pollution Control Plant Phase 7B Overcoming site challenges

Overcoming site challenges

This project was completed on a tight site in a densely-populated residential area less than three miles from the Reagan National Airport. Due to the proximity of residential areas and city parks, noise control and precise coordination were vital. Alberici performed pre-assembly at an offsite laydown yard, significantly reducing the noise and mitigating safety and logistics challenges at the project site. Through precise coordination, Alberici ensured just-in-time delivery of materials from the yard to the tight site.