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Industrial Process

Abengoa Ethanol Plant

Madison, Illinois

Using innovation and creativity to deliver a state-of-the-art renewable fuel production plant


Industrial Process

Key Services



Delivery Method
Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR)
88MGY Ethanol Produced
Work Hours

The challenge

Abengoa Bioenergy needed a greenfield ethanol plant that would implement Vogelbusch technology to produce 88 million gallons per year of ethanol and 230,000 tons of distillers’ grain solubles (DGS) per year. The project involved a tight schedule, innovative technologies, and the need to overcome engineering delays and equipment deliveries.

Key Facts

700,000 safe work hours

825,000 tons of corn consumed annually

Peak workforce: 650

Challenge met

As the construction manager, Alberici worked closely with Abengoa and the design team to provide preconstruction services, optimizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We self-performed over 700,000 craft hours, including concrete placement, structural steel erection, pre-engineered building erection, and process equipment installation. Alberici’s commitment to sustainability led to the use of new technologies like the Patent Logik360 radial concrete forming system and UltraCURE for concrete placement, reducing waste and labor costs while maintaining quality. When faced with engineering delays, Alberici implemented a six-day-per-week schedule with extended shifts, leading to an on-time project completion. Alberici decreased labor costs and improved quality by using UltraCURE during concrete placement instead of the traditional wetted burlap method. The net effect of these and other similar Alberici-led initiatives was a project delivered in a more environmentally responsible manner while significantly reducing project costs.

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