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Stellantis Sterling Heights Assembly Plant – General Assembly Equipment Phase II, 2019 DT Program

Sterling Heights, Michigan

Helping Stellantis launch the new Dodge Ram



Key Services




Strategic Partnerships

Virtual Design & Construction

Delivery Method
General Contracting (GC)
425,000 SF

The challenge

The main challenge faced by Alberici during the 2019 DT program for Stellantis was to support the launch of the next generation Ram Truck at the Sterling Heights Assembly Plant. The project included turnkey installation of all equipment in the 425,000 SF south paint shop, requiring seamless coordination and efficient resource management to ensure on-time delivery for the highly anticipated vehicle launch.

Key Facts

425,000 SF paint shop

800+ trade workers on-site

60+ year relationship

Challenge met

Alberici was a reliable partner, assisting Stellantis in launching their next best-selling vehicle by leveraging expertise and marshaling resources.

We mobilized a team of automotive specialists from various offices, ensuring 20 full-time management professionals handled the project’s complexities. Alberici self-performed key
scopes of work, maintaining greater control over the construction process.

Coordination was crucial, and Alberici skillfully managed more than 800 craft workers across multiple shifts, maintaining project progress without delays.

Experience gained from a previous successful project at Stellantis’ Belvidere plant proved advantageous. Alberici efficiently transferred knowledge, using the same staff members,
reducing the learning curve and enhancing productivity.

The completion of the 2019 DT program at the Sterling Heights Assembly Plant showcased our commitment to high-quality projects and meeting automotive industry needs.

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