SNC Lavalin Power Ontario Inc. Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Ontario’s first major power station in more than 25 years

Goreway Station New Power Station

New power station to meet Ontario’s growing needs

Alberici constructed key components of the $1.1 billion CAD Goreway Power Station, the first new major generation facility built in Ontario in more than 25 years. The 875-megawatt gas-fueled power plant was built to accommodate Ontario’s urgent need for additional electrical supply, serving 330,000 homes in the Greater Toronto Area.

Goreway Station Managing Multiple Projects

Managing multiple construction projects

Alberici completed numerous projects over a three-year span, including the assembly and installation of the air cooled condenser, combined cycle piping, and fin fan heat exchangers. To meet the project’s aggressive schedule requirements, Alberici was called on to complete the balance of plant piping contract after another contractor fell behind schedule. Together with joint venture partner Black & McDonald, Alberici also completed major portions of the mechanical, civil, plant foundations, underground utilities, electrical, piping, and instrumentation at the site.

Goreway Station Congested Site

Overcoming a congested site

The multi-package project was completed on a congested site with dozens of contractors working simultaneously. To alleviate congestion, Alberici decided to assemble, weld, fabricate and pre-paint portions of the work at a nearby, off-site facility. Performing this work in a controlled environment, sheltered from elements, and away from labor traffic allowed us to save 50,000-workhours.

Goreway Station Labor Relations

Labor relationships overcome shortages

Labor shortages in the area made it difficult to find qualified welders and riggers. Alberici used our strong relationships with local unions to bring in outside forces with the expertise required to perform the work. Ultimately, our relationships with local unions allowed us to hire specialized trades, ensuring the project remained on schedule.