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Custer Avenue CSO Storage and Dechlorination Facility

Atlanta, Georgia

Blasting a massive cavern out of solid rock to reduce water pollution in Atlanta


Civil & Marine

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Delivery Method
General Contracting (GC)
Storage capacity of 44 million gallons

The challenge

Constructing the Custer Avenue Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Storage and Dechlorination Facility presented several complex challenges. The project involved working within a densely populated urban area, coordinating with ongoing city activities, and managing potential disruptions to the local community. Additionally, excavating a 50-foot-high cavern in granite rock and ensuring the stability and safety of the underground storage facility posed significant engineering and logistical challenges.

Key Facts

American Council of Engineering Companies of Georgia Engineering Excellence Award

83,000-cubic-yard cavern

1,500 pounds of explosives used

1.8 million pounds of granite excavated

Challenge met

Alberici tackled the challenges of constructing the Custer Avenue CSO Storage and Dechlorination Facility with precision and innovation. Working in a densely populated urban area, we carefully planned construction to minimize disruptions to the community. The drill-and-blast method facilitated safe excavation through granite rock, and meticulous reinforcement with rock anchors, wire mesh, and shotcrete ensured the stability of the underground storage facility.

Alberici’s expertise in mechanical, electrical, and treatment process installations allowed for the successful construction of the dechlorination facility. By self-performing the underground excavation and specialized work, we maintained control over quality and safety. The completed facility played a vital role in Atlanta’s compliance with water quality laws, managing stormwater and wastewater effectively to protect waterways from pollution.

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