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Energy & Renewables

Bruce Power Protected Area Office Complex

Tiverton, Ontario, Canada

Rapidly replacing an office complex inside a protected area


Energy & Renewables

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73,000 SF
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The challenge

Alberici constructed a two-level, 73,000 SF modular office building adjacent to and connected to a nuclear reactor powerhouse. The building supports a larger workforce needed for planned maintenance activities. Its construction required additional safety and security measures because it occupies space inside the protected area of Bruce Nuclear Generating Station.

Prior to construction, our team demolished the existing office structure and its utility connections, and we excavated soil and bedrock for new spread-footing foundations. We installed new tie-ins for domestic water, power, sewage, fire water, fire detection, communications and technology.

Our team constructed the new building from 133 pre-manufactured modules measuring 47 feet by 12 feet by 10 feet.

Key Facts

Prefabricated, modular construction

Nuclear protected construction zone

Challenge met

Alberici’s team coordinated radiological scanning during demolition and excavation, which we sequenced concurrent to the manufacture of the 133 modules. Modules were manufactured and pre-assembled in a facility about 250 kilometers away before being disassembled for transport. Each module arrived on site fitted with MEP infrastructure and architectural finishes.

Once re-assembled, intermodular connections were made and life-safety systems connected to the plant’s existing systems. We completed on-site assembly in 12 weeks using a 50-ton reach stacker and 300-ton crawler crane.

The Protected Area Office Complex (PAOC) is an office and support building attached to the side of the Bruce Power B Unit 8 reactor powerhouse. Since 2020, it has supported an increased workforce for Bruce Power’s 13-year Major Component Replacement program.

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