Bruce Power LP Tiverton, Ontario, Canada

Construction of a new modular office complex within the protected area.

New Office Building Connected to a Nuclear Reactor

Alberici constructed a two-storey, 73,000-square-foot modular office building inside the protected area of the Bruce Power Nuclear Plant. The Protected Area Office Complex (PAOC) is an office and support facilities building connected to the Bruce Power B Unit 8 reactor powerhouse.

First of its Kind in Canada

The project was the first of its kind constructed in Canada. Modular construction within a Nuclear Construction Island allowed the construction to proceed very quickly within the protected area.

Module Erection Next to Live Nuclear Facility

133 modules, ranging from 20,000 lbs to 63,000 lbs, were transported, installed and tied-in to the live nuclear facility. Module installations were executed over 12 weeks using a 99,000lbs shipping container reach stacker for unload and a 300t crawler crane for install. The heaviest module was the mechanical and electrical room weighing in at 63,000lbs.

Complex Tie-Ins to Existing Systems

Our team completed inter-module connections and utility tie-ins to the existing live Bruce Power systems, and supplied and installed all mechanical connections, electrical and plumbing components, and fire safety systems in a nuclear hot zone. Work was tied into existing plant services including the central nuclear control room. This required detailed scheduling and coordination for successful interfacing with existing live nuclear facility systems.