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Bruce Power Emergency Preparedness (EPS) Fire Training Facility

Kincardine, Ontario, Canada

Precision building safely replicates real-world fire scenarios indoors


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28,000 SF

The challenge

The Bruce Power Fire Training Facility is a 28,000 SF facility that simulates realistic firefighting scenarios, including live fire and artificial smoke in a controlled environment. Sophisticated MEP systems include environmental monitoring, air handling and multiple levels of safety shutdown. The facility addresses the unique demands of indoor fire training. Controlling, withstanding, and removing heat, flames and smoke are paramount to its purpose. Specialty materials and innovative construction techniques were needed to withstand high temperatures and repeated water saturation.

The building features: propane-fueled props, producing fire and smoke governed by a control-room switch; outdoor fire simulators, which include car, forklift and transformer scenarios; thermal cameras to capture video footage for lessons-learned; a 50-foot tower for high-angle rescue training; and a mock-up turbine generator. The environmentally friendly building features clean-burning props that meet or exceed all regulatory standards.

This project repurposed a burn area Brownfield site.

Key Facts

Indoor live fire training for firefighters

Simulates hazardous conditions in a nuclear power-generation facility

Challenge met

Alberici’s construction team excavated 26,000 tons of contaminated soil. Keeping on schedule required portions of concrete work to be performed in winter. Our team strategically controlled temperatures using enclosures and portable heaters to ensure proper curing of concrete footings, foundations and slab on grade. We installed redundant safety infrastructure supporting both electronic and mechanical shutoffs. In the event of an emergency or equipment malfunction, training equipment is shut down and the HVAC system evacuates smoke and flammable gas, whose levels are monitored continuously by building systems.

The facility also includes areas for physical assessment, self-rescue training and equipment storage. Outdoor training props include a car, forklift, propane tank, barrel rack and running fuel spill. We installed outdoor props with propane burners that also allow the use of Tekflame (a modified diesel fuel) for creating realistic running fuel-spill scenarios. As with the indoor props, the system includes both electronic and mechanical safety systems.

Precision construction provides Bruce Power EPS with greater capacity to conduct training activities, and each training session can be held, reviewed, analyzed and repeated.

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