Brewer Science, Inc. Vichy, Missouri, United States

Cutting-edge manufacturing facility for a cutting-edge company

Innovative manufacturing facility to support next generation technology

Innovative facility to support next generation technology

Brewer Science, Inc., a global technology leader that develops and manufactures innovative materials for semiconductors and microelectronic devices, selected Alberici to serve as design-build contractor for their new high volume manufacturing facility. The new facility produces materials for manufacturing next-generation smartphones, tablet computers, and other microelectronic devices.

Manufacturing Facility interior

Designed to accommodate immediate and future needs

In collaboration with key design partners, Alberici designed and constructed this state-of-the-art facility to support Brewer Science’s rapid growth and meet redundancy requirements to ensure uninterrupted production. The new facility consists of a 12,300-square-foot manufacturing area, 4,500 square feet of office space, and a 7,000-square-foot warehouse with integrated clean rooms and laboratory space.

Manufacturing facility cleanroom

Certified to cleanroom standards

Alberici’s scope of work included design, construction, and certification of a Class 1,000 blending cleanroom, Class 100 bottling cleanroom, and Class 100 quality control cleanroom.

Because the manufacturing area produces high-tech materials that must meet industry standards for cleanroom environments, Alberici complied with stringent contamination and quality control standards throughout the project.

manufacturing facility exterior

Reduced operating costs and sustainability

To reduce the plant’s carbon footprint and provide lower operational costs of heating and cooling, the entire facility was designed to the industry’s highest standards for sustainability and energy efficiency. Notably, Alberici installed a 36-well geothermal loop field that services 16 water source heat pumps for the entire facility.

manufacturing facility work room

Repeat business

Due to our team’s excellent performance during construction of the main facility, Alberici was asked to construct a second phase at the plant, which consisted of additional manufacturing space, three new cleanrooms, a solvent waste storage building, and all associated utilities.