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John S. Alberici

Chairman Emeritus

We try to remember that our company and its reputation were built by our craftsmen in the field. There is no substitute for their skill and talent. The craftsmen in the field see the satisfaction every day what has been accomplished—that’s one of the tangible gratifications of construction.


After graduating from the University of Dayton, John joined the Army and served in Korea. John returned to St. Louis to join the family business in 1968 and began his career on project sites overseeing accounting and cost reporting. Over a span of 50 years, John has seen the company mature from $20 million in annual revenue to its current annual revenue of more than $3 billion. 

In John’s previous role as Chairman, he was responsible for ensuring the long-term viability of all Alberici enterprises and increase the company’s value for employees, clients, and other stakeholders.  As Chairman Emeritus, John’s significant wealth of experience is tapped frequently to maximize our collective ability for operational success and to create a risk management roadmap for future projects. John believes everyone from the “veterans to the interns” of the Alberici family of companies play a major part in Alberici’s strength and success. 


John is an accomplished baker and loves to share his freshly baked and perfectly portioned treats with employees, clients, and his wife, Natalie.