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Alberici & Flintco — Building Bridges Together

This year a team of Alberici and Flintco employees from across North America are going to the Muhanga District in Southern Rwanda to complete the Matovu Trail Bridge.

A bridge is something most of us take for granted, but nearly 1 billion people around the world don’t have safe access to critical resources. Bridges to Prosperity constructs pedestrian bridges in rural communities around the world. Their mission is to safely connect people with healthcare, education, and economic opportunities by building bridges that connect communities.

Based on the success of our first Bridges to Prosperity project in 2022, Flintco and Alberici are fielding a combined team to complete our second 2-week build set for February 17-March 2, 2024.

Our project team is now actively planning their trip to the Muhanga District in Southern Rwanda and has started their fundraising campaign. Their goal this year is to raise $13,250.

The completion of the Matovu Trail Bridge, a 103-meter hybrid suspension bridge will dramatically improve the lives of a community of 5,538 people!

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