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Aaron Geiger Discusses Construction Data Management with ENR

The article, originally published on February 15, 2023, delves into the evolving landscape of construction data management, focusing on the challenges and strategies contractors employ to handle project data stored in cloud-based construction project management platforms. Aaron Geiger, Chief Technology Officer of contractor Alberici, emphasizes the value of retaining project data for evidence and insights, adopting a longer-than-average data retention policy. Alberici utilizes Procore’s platform to store closed projects perpetually in the cloud, which not only supports evidence but also facilitates future project comparisons and learning from past successes. Geiger and peers throughout the industry underscore how the construction industry is transitioning from manual data storage methods to cloud-based platforms for enhanced accessibility and analysis of project data.

The article also highlights the shifting pricing models and approaches to data storage by various construction technology providers, including Autodesk and Procore. As the industry continues to adapt to new methods of data storage, contractors and technologists alike acknowledge that the methods for storing and utilizing project data are constantly evolving, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution in the present or foreseeable future.

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