Women in Construction Week Spotlight – Trisha


This week marks Women in Construction Week, sponsored by the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC). In honor of the occasion, we asked Trisha Quinn, a Project Engineer, to share her story.

What led you to a career in the construction industry?

Growing up I always wanted to help my Dad out with projects around the house. I was curious of what he was doing and how everything would work together. After getting my degree in civil engineering an interning with Alberici, I knew I wanted to continue in the construction industry. I enjoy that every day is a new challenge and learning experience and, together as a team, we are capable of building incredible things.

What do you enjoy most about Alberici?

At Alberici everyone is treated as a valued member of the family. To accomplish the things we do, it is vital we work together every day. Regardless of job title, everyone is always willing to help or answer any questions you may have. As a young member of the company, it is important to me to be surrounded by hardworking individuals who truly care about my success and the success of the company.

Tell us about your experience in the Alberici Career Training (ACT)program.

I am currently going through the ACT program and I am having a great experience so far. During the program I am working with different departments and partaking in their daily tasks, which allows me to better understand all of the pieces that go into making a project site successful. This program also gives me the opportunity to create valuable relationships with individuals who have much more experience and knowledge to share.

What advice do you have for young women entering the construction industry?

Work hard, ask questions, and never turn down an opportunity to learn. Whether it is in a meeting with an owner or a superintendent’s story from a previous job, there is always information that you can take away and use to help make decisions in the future.