The ACT Experience–Quality

Spencer, a project engineer in the Alberici Career Training (ACT) program, has completed his time in estimating and is now finishing Quality training. Here’s what he had to say about his experience:


Quality training started off with a trip to the Edgewater project in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Upon my arrival I worked with our quality staff learning how they inspect welds on the job. I was able to see from start to finish how a weld was completed in the field, inspected for quality and tracked in the project to measure progress. While touring the warehouse I was shown how tracking tools and parts helps everyone on the project better perform their jobs by giving them what they need and when they need it. By working more efficiently, the project creates the environment of better quality and safety.


The next week took me to the Meldahl Hydroelectric plant, where I was able to get a closer look at pipe welding and what goes into signoff of finished lines. Much of the work on the site is performed in a relatively small area compared to other sites. This made coordination and quality signoff even more important so that workflow could proceed as scheduled. While touring the site, I was able to see the turbine blades that will be over 100 feet below river elevation. The training program has given me the opportunity to walk sites like this that few people get to work on, and I look forward to seeing more Alberici projects like this in the future.