Learn With Us

Alberici’s history provides us with a strong foundation of technical and managerial knowledge. Through our Alberici University training program, we share our knowledge with businesses of all shapes and sizes to help them develop their skills and achieve growth.

Alberici University classes are tailored to provide practical skills that are essential to achieving success in today’s fast-paced construction market. Drawing on Alberici’s 100-plus years of experience and standing as an industry leader, class topics include safety, finance, and project management.

Classes are led by Alberici professionals from a variety of departments and typically feature guest presenters such as project owners, designers, trade association directors, and other industry leaders. In addition to formal instruction, the casual classroom setting promotes meaningful discussion and allows for the sharing of best practices, upcoming opportunities, and industry trends.

Classes are held from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on the third Friday of each month at Alberici’s St. Louis headquarters. For more information or to register for a class, contact Precious Jackson.

Date Description
January 18, 2019 Project Safety Requirements
February 15, 2019 Successful Estimating Methods/Bid Day
March 15, 2019 Contract Review
April 19, 2019 Employee Management/ Human Resources
May 17, 2019 Tracking/ Managing Labor Productivity
No classes June through August
September 20, 2019 Insurance
October 18, 2019 Billings, Invoices, Lien Waivers, Retainage
November 15, 2019 Tour of Hillsdale Fabricators Facility / Graduation