Ryan’s Intern Experience–Office vs. Field

After two and a half weeks on the job site, it is obvious that there are big differences between my experience last summer in the home office and being in the field. The office had something of an ebb and flow when it came to work pace. But here in the field there is more of a consistency to the daily activities. I can tell that there are pros and cons to both work environments.

I have learned a crazy amount since starting my internship. I have been a part of administrative processes such as requests for information, change order requests, and cost expenditures. It is impressive the amount of time and attention that has to be used to keep all of the paperwork properly recorded and organized. In the field, I’ve gotten to assist our quality control team by monitoring field inspections and our subcontractor’s progress. Every day, there are multiple meetings involving the project managers and superintendents to coordinate all of the work. Sitting in on these meetings, it is amazing to see all of the challenges and obstacles that have to be hurdled on a daily basis.

It’s great to work for a company that makes safety a top priority. Yesterday, we held our quarterly safety lunch for all of the field workers. The lunch was a great way to thank all of our workers and give them a chance to refocus on safety in the field. Plus, the barbeque was delicious.

My experiences so far have gone a long way towards growing my knowledge of construction. I am very excited to see what else the summer has in store.