Reid’s Intern Experience: Bid Day, Intern Summit, and New Projects

It has been awhile since my last blog post and much has happened since then! For starters, shortly after writing my last blog post I found out I was being relocated to Wentzville, Missouri where there is GM plant and a Toyota plant located a short drive away. Leading up to my departure date, I experienced my first ever bid day. It was a great experience working alongside some of Alberici’s most experienced estimators and senior leadership. I have always heard about the famous “war room” found in almost every construction company office in the world, and to experience those intense hours filled with coffee, phone calls, and numbers was one of my favorite experiences of the summer. This was my favorite experience particularly because I was part of the project team and performed meaningful quantity take-offs and estimates that the team used to compare subcontactors’ numbers.

I was also able to wrap up some projects I had been working on at the Sterling Heights assembly plant and take some pictures! I was finally able to take an unforgettable golfing trip up North with my brother to Traverse City. Fortunately, my trip to Wentzville was much less eventful than my drive to Michigan earlier in the summer. I will be spending the remainder of my summer here and will work out of the Toyota plant in Troy, Missouri.

Shortly after my arrival to Missouri the Intern Summit was held at the St. Louis headquarters. The 3-day summit was jam packed with speakers from all areas of Alberici, job site tours, and plenty of food! I thoroughly enjoyed hearing from the company’s executives like John Alberici, Greg Brokenshire, and Greg Hesser among others as well as getting the opportunity to ask them questions. It was amazing to see and hear about all the projects the Alberici enterprises are working on from all the other interns and to learn about their individual experiences as interns. I would have to say my favorite day of the summit was Day 2 when we did the job site tours. The afternoon was split into two site visits – Hillsdale fabricators and the SSM SLU Hospital project. Hillsdale really helped put the size and capabilities of Alberici into perspective for me. As we toured the shop we came across a beam that is going into a Chicago high rise that weighed roughly 873 pounds per foot! These tours truly made me proud to say I interned with Alberici this summer and made me look forward to sharing my experiences with my professors, family, and friends when I return to school for my senior year!

Before I sign off for the last time, I’d like to say a special thanks to everyone who made this summer what it was, especially the Michigan office. You really showed me what it meant to work at Alberici and made moving a thousand miles away for a summer well worth it! Looking back on my summer, I find it shocking that this time last year if it weren’t for Josh Cindrell, VP at CAS, visiting my classroom last fall I would not even know who Alberici is, let alone interned with them.

Reid is an intern blogging about his experiences working at Alberici’s Detroit office this summer. Click here to read about his time in the office, and here to learn about the first few weeks of his internship. If you’re interested in joining the Alberici team, you can learn more about internships or view open positions.