General Motors Company & Hamilton Medical Reno, Nevada

Helping Meet Global Medical Device Demand During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ramping up production at a moment’s notice

During the COVID-19 pandemic, longtime client General Motors Company (GM) called on Alberici to rapidly construct a new ventilator manufacturing line within an existing 86,000-square-foot warehouse. Alberici worked closely with GM engineers and Hamilton Medical, a leading international ventilator production company, to increase their global production capacity by more than 40 percent and meet surging demand for these lifesaving devices.

Collaboration and teamwork make it happen

Upfront coordination with all stakeholders was key to the project’s success. Prior to mobilization, Alberici hosted multiple daily calls with production and design teams from GM and Hamilton Medical, as well as key suppliers and design-assist subcontractors. This level of collaborative planning enabled layout and utility design to reach nearly 100 percent completion just 11 days after GM initially contacted Alberici.

Rapid design and installation

Alberici’s design-build scope of work included design coordination, equipment procurement, modification of the existing facility, and installation of key electrical, mechanical, and medical gas systems. Notable project features included new industrial generators, air compressors, chillers, and installation of more than 36,000 feet of network cable, 2,500 feet of pipe, and 50,000 feet of electric cable. Alberici also installed 120 storage racks and 172 production stations to support assembly, calibration, quality control, testing, and packing functions.

Answering the call

At peak, nearly 60 people were working on site with another 60 working remotely to help meet Hamilton Medical’s ambitious production goals. Given the critical nature of the project, Alberici pooled resources from across the United States and worked around the clock to help produce the first ventilator in less than two weeks. Within the first month, the team installed enough capacity to manufacture more than 500 ventilators per day. Following substantial completion, Alberici remained on site for an additional three weeks to support Hamilton Medical’s production operations.

“Our partnership with Alberici ensured successful design and construction coordination of this critical project. Their resources, expertise, and commitment to collaboration have been instrumental in helping GM respond to this unprecedented global crisis.”

Anthony Monte, Engineering Group Manager, General Motors