Hospital Sisters Health System O'Fallon, Illinois, United States

Engaging the local community on a patient-centered hospital campus

HSHS St. Elizabeth's Hospital ICU

A patient-first plan

The new St. Elizabeth’s Hospital campus incorporates the latest advances in hospital design and state-of-the-art technology to create a patient-centered environment. The new hospital features 144 private patient rooms, emergency department, operating rooms, intensive care unit, and inpatient rehabilitation. An adjacent ambulatory care center offers outpatient services such as lab, imaging, and therapy, and includes medical office space for more than 100 physicians.

HSHS St. Elizabeth's Hospital Interior

Prefabrication to improve schedule

Alberici prefabricated all the patient bathrooms in a structure adjacent to the site. This contributed to a more efficient workflow and provided a safe and controlled working environment for the trades.

Construction iPad

Collaboration through technology

The Alberici team employed 4D modelling, combining the BIM model with the schedule to coordinate activities. As a collaborative tool, the 4D model was used to plan and sequence the project among the trades.

HSHS St. Elizabeth's Hospital Waiting

Engaging the community

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital felt strongly that the project be constructed by the community it serves. Sharing this commitment, Alberici engaged a local workforce, who performed more than 75 percent of the total workhours. Alberici also utilized local subcontractors and partnered with a local firm to manage the project.