SaskPower Corporation Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Conversion of three gas turbine generators into a combined cycle operation

SaskPower Combined Cycle Reducing Emissions

Reducing emissions while increasing output

Alberici expanded and converted three existing gas turbine generators into combined cycle operation at the SaskPower Queen Elizabeth Power Station. Combined cycle operation greatly reduces plant emissions by using waste heat to generate electricity, rather than venting it into the atmosphere. The expansion provided an additional 200MW of output at the plant, while reducing overall emissions.

SaskPower Combined Cycle Procuring and Installing Equipment

Procuring and managing the installation of major equipment

Through our EPCm contract, an Alberici joint venture completed all balance of plant engineering, procurement, and construction management for the installation of major equipment including three natural gas turbine generators, one steam turbine, six once-through steam generators, and two step-up transformers. Our team also managed the construction of all civil and building services, site preparations, underground utilities, piling, concrete foundations, mechanical support systems, electrical systems, instrumentation, and control systems.

SaskPower Environmental Protection

Environmental protection

To ensure compliance with environmental regulations, we installed temporary detention basins and systems for dewatering and filtration to collect, sample, and test effluents daily. Disturbance procedures and a spill prevention program were developed to safeguard the environmental habitat. Stormwater from any area subject to the infiltration of contaminates was considered wastewater and was collected in detention basins for evaluation and treatment.