Mercy Creve Coeur, Missouri

Delivering an innovative multispecialty center

New Outpatient Care Facilities

An Alberici joint venture is constructing an innovative multispecialty center and 1,000-space parking garage on the campus of Mercy Hospital St. Louis. With more than 272,000-square feet of space, the high-tech, five-level outpatient center is designed with the patient experience top of mind. Specialties at the new building will include bariatrics,  neurosurgery, orthopedics and sports medicine, reconstructive surgery and urology. There will be weight and wellness programming, imaging services and an ambulatory surgery center.

Patient-Focused Design

A patient-centered approach to design crafts the experience patients want and need when managing their health. The design improves interactions between physicians and other providers through a combination of collaboration spaces and technologies. The coronavirus pandemic informed design, resulting in co-worker and lounge areas that flex to be both spaces for collaboration and separation, as needed. Waiting rooms have also been designed to provide ample space for social distancing, incorporating the outdoors when possible.

Managing Escalation Risks

Alberici is self-performing outpatient building structural concrete, precast concrete installation, and structural steel fabrication and erection. We engaged our self-perform steel fabrication and concrete units early to minimize the impact of volatile commodities markets, allowing us to procure steel and rebar early to ensure timely delivery and realize significant savings.

Harnessing Technology to Improve Efficiency and Collaboration

The Alberici team is employing a robust suite of technology to enhance coordination and communication on site, including weekly drone flights over the project, monthly video project updates, and an online project dashboard. The team is using StructionSite 360 to ensure all stakeholders are up-to-date with a secure, web-based portal providing virtual 360 video and images and interactive PDFs linked to real-time video walkthroughs and side-by-side comparisons of existing conditions and new work put in place. All images and video are easily accessible for future reference by Mercy personnel. Additionally, the project’s BIM model is accessible through the Procore software, allowing everyone from the owner to the design team to the team in the field to access the the current model serving as a single source of truth.

Lean Approach

Alberici is using Lean principles to deliver the project efficiently. As part of that approach, Alberici is using Touchplan software to enhance collaboration. The web-based solution creates transparency for planning efforts and affords the team access at any time. The team is also using a Core Group, which is a Lean concept connecting key representatives from project stakeholders to make project decisions collaboratively.