Ford Motor Company Kansas City, Missouri, United States

Providing 20 years of consistent, reliable service at the home of the F-150

Ford Kansas City Assembly Plant Construction ready for anything

Ready for anything, since 1998

For more than 20 years, Alberici has continuously served as Ford’s Construction Commodities Manager (CCM), overseeing assembly plant construction at their Kansas City facility. Home of the F-150, the plant produces more vehicles than any other manufacturing facility in the United States. In this role, Alberici has successfully delivered numerous capital improvement and maintenance projects.

Ford Kansas City Assembly Plant Construction machinery

Daily dedication and presence

As CCM, Alberici maintains a daily presence at the 4.7 million-square-foot facility and has managed more than $200 million in construction, including four new vehicle launches. Alberici’s work at the plant includes self-performance and construction management of robot and tooling installations, building additions, structural improvements, site work, general maintenance, and electrical and mechanical upgrades.

Ford Kansas City Assembly Plant Construction robotics

Seamlessly navigating critical shutdowns

Alberici has successfully completed numerous shutdowns, including a major renovation for the launch of the new Ford Transit. This challenging project featured $13 million in renovations that the Alberici team completed in a little more than 12 weeks without interruption to adjacent lines or services.

Ford Kansas City Assembly Plant Construction technology

A strong relationship built on past performance

Alberici’s relationship with Ford spans several decades and hundreds of projects. Due to Alberici’s day-to-day response to critical production issues, record of successful product launches, and consistent execution of safe and cost-effective work, Ford and Alberici continue to fortify their bond with each new success story.