City of Toronto Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Major renovation of an operational water treatment plant producing 26% of Toronto’s drinking water

F.J Horgan Water Treatment Plant increasing capacity

Increasing plant capacity

To accommodate drinking water needs of the fast-growing Toronto population, Alberici expanded the F.J. Horgan Water Treatment Plant by 61 million gallons per day (MGD) to 211 MGD. Work included the construction of a new water treatment building with three ozone tanks, five filter boxes, and two backwash surge tanks.

F.J Horgan Water Treatment Plant innovation

Innovation to maintain operations

The plant remained in operation through the duration of construction, requiring an innovative approach to the installation of water pumps. The initial plan included refurbishment of the existing pumps, which would require portions of the plant to be shut down. To maintain operations, Alberici developed an alternate plan with the City to purchase new pumps. This plan allowed Alberici to expedite procurement, maintaining the City’s construction schedule requirements.

F.J Horgan Water Treatment Plant minimizing impacts

Minimizing impacts to the neighborhood

Consideration for residents and local businesses was critical to the project’s success. The project involved large scale excavation, requiring the removal of 80,000 cubic yards of surplus material through city streets. To minimize impact to neighboring areas, Alberici created a truck traffic management plan in collaboration with the City of Toronto and local residents.

F.J Horgan Water Treatment Plant coordination

Coordination of owner pre-purchased equipment

Alberici managed the installation of equipment pre-purchased by the City of Toronto, including six 2000-horsepower raw water and treated water pumps, filter media retaining baffles, new filter under drains and ozone equipment. Coordination and installation of equipment required detailed planning and a sound communication strategy.