Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Pooling global resources to deliver extraordinary results in automotive construction

FCA Windsor RU Program extensive renovations automotive construction

Extensive renovations to produce FCA’s newest minivan

FCA, a client for more than 60 years, selected Alberici to perform major renovations to their Windsor, Ontario assembly plant in preparation of the launch of the new Chrysler Pacifica. This massive, $130 million automotive plant construction project included both the body-in-white and general assembly installation packages.

FCA Windsor RU Program heavy metal robots automotive construction

Heavy metal, robots, and miles of new process systems

The body-in-white equipment package included demolition of existing equipment, installation of 850 robots, and setting 400 tons of conveyance header steel. The tooling package included demolition of more than half of the existing general assembly, rework and modification of 121 systems, supporting concrete, and site work. Alberici self-performed design, fabrication, and installation of the water test booth, including a new final line body wash and vehicle blow off.

FCA Windsor RU Program accelerating schedule automotive construction

Safely accelerating schedule to achieve critical launch deadlines

To ensure FCA’s aggressive schedule was met in time for production, Alberici engaged field supervision and equipment from multiple U.S. and Canadian operating companies during a critical 14-week shutdown. More than 40 Alberici superintendents managed 1,200 workers on site during peak construction. Due to effective planning and sequencing, Alberici completed the project an entire month ahead of schedule.