Gwinett County Norcross, Georgia, United States

Upgrading an operational wastewater treatment facility to provide effective service for decades to come

Updating an existing water reclamation facility

Alberici is completing modifications and upgrades at Gwinnett County’s Crooked Creek Water Reclamation Facility to improve plant safety, efficiency, and reliability. Advances in treatment technology have rendered several processes and structures at the facility outdated, requiring upgrades to comply with state and federal regulations. This massive $132 million renovation project will allow the facility to handle up to 16 MGD wastewater flows in accordance with Georgia water quality standards.

Significant process enhancements throughout the plant

The project includes upgrades throughout the facility including new biological reactor basins, a process building, two odor control facilities, two secondary clarifiers, return activated sludge (RAS) pumping station, disinfection, service water pump station and post aeration facility, main electrical building, solids handling building, and sanitary pump station. Additionally, Alberici is replacing existing RAS pumps and SCADA system, modifying the existing cloth filter facility, and converting an aerobic digester to a filtrate equalization pump station.

Smooth project delivery through self-performance and communication

The sequence of construction requires multiple outages, tie-ins, and process changes within the existing plant, which must be completed without any spills or process interruptions. To ensure that plant operations continue uninterrupted throughout construction while also controlling schedule and quality, Alberici is self-performing significant scopes of work including cast-in-place concrete, yard piping, electrical ductbanks, interior process piping, and mechanical work. Through strategic phasing, self-performing critical scopes of work, and close coordination with plant operators, the existing facility will be kept in continuous operation throughout construction and the overall project schedule will be met.