Bruce Power LP Tiverton, Ontario, Canada

Improving nuclear fire safety through construction of a world-class training facility

Bruce Firepower Unique Construction

Unique construction demands

Alberici constructed a world-class training facility designed to address the unique demands of a fire emergency at an operational nuclear power plant. The facility was constructed to effectively withstand and remove heat, flame, smoke, and water from repeated training sessions. The unique nature of design means that training sessions can be held, reviewed, and analyzed with efficiency and effectiveness.

Bruce Firepower Creative Props

Creative props and devices

Live fire props were designed and installed to simulate hazardous situations that may be encountered by emergency personnel. Inside the facility, Alberici installed automatically-controlled propane burner appliances and artificial fog-generating systems to produce fire and smoke. Replicas of a turbine generator and primary heat transport pump/motor, both one-third scale of those operating on site, were installed to create a life-like experience for trainees. To create realistic running fuel spill simulations, outdoor propane burners were augmented by Tekflame.

Sophisticated building & safety systems

Alberici installed extensive building systems to monitor temperature, carbon monoxide, and propane levels. Infrared cameras allow instructors to monitor and review training exercises from a control room. Ensuring the safety of all personnel, we installed electronic and mechanical safety systems that shut down training equipment and evacuate combustion products from the building in the event of an emergency.