Tokyo Roki Silao, Guanajuato, Mexico

Helping an automotive component manufacturer meet international demand

Providing a turnkey design-build solution

Alberici, in a design-build joint venture with The Austin Company and Kajima, constructed a new production facility for Tokyo Roki, an international manufacturer of automotive components, including exhaust emission control systems.

Specialized systems call for specialized facilities

Located in the Santa Fe IV Industrial Park in Silao, Guanajuato, this new 78,000-square-foot facility produces catalysts for automotive exhaust systems. Using specialized manufacturing processes, the facility blends raw material in kilns before they undergo a soaking and baking process.

Multinational collaboration

Working under design-build delivery, schematic design of the new facility was performed by a Japan-based team. To ensure cost and schedule certainty during development of complete construction documents, Alberici collaborated with a local architect and several design-build subcontractors.

Minimizing disruption to ongoing operations

Alberici worked closely with Tokyo Roki during relocation from their existing facility to the new plant. Through effective coordination, the Alberici team completed closeout activities for the facility, including the procurement of new furniture and punch list activities, while Tokyo Roki relocated process equipment. This helped minimize disruption to ongoing operations and enable production to get back online as soon as possible.