Professional Engineers Week – Graeme Langdon

Graeme Langdon, Project Manager for Alberici’s Canadian division, recently received his Professional Engineer (P.Eng) licence. He joined the Alberici team nearly 6 years ago as Project Coordinator, and has since worked on projects in the energy, water/wastewater and industrial process markets. He is currently working on the South Plant Upgrades project at the Humber Treatment Plant in Toronto, Ontario.

In honor of Professional Engineers Week, Graeme shares his recent experience obtaining his licence:


You earned your P.Eng less than six months ago – what contributed to your success in receiving this designation?

I’ve been fortunate to experience various projects in different markets, as well as work for and alongside great people who have shaped my success. While working in the field, I make an extra effort to listen to others’ perspectives and thoughts about how they approach situations and execute tasks. Working collaboratively with my colleagues and keeping an open mind taught me a lot; these were valuable experiences that contributed to my understanding of the field and helped me obtain the professional designation.

Why did you decide to get you P.Eng?

Getting the P.Eng designation has always been a goal of mine; it was important to me both personally and professionally. To me, the P.Eng represents good morals and high ethical standards, and demonstrates that you have the skills and experience required for the job. I believe the P.Eng builds credibility, which helps me develop stronger relationships with clients and stakeholders, ultimately contributing to each project’s success.

How has your P.Eng helped you in your career?

It’s still early in my career, so that’s difficult to answer at this point. As I look forward, I think the P.Eng will continue to show my commitment to development and help me build relationships onsite. I see the P.Eng as a long term investment in my career and what’s to come in the future.

What advice would you give to someone seeking their P.Eng?

I would encourage someone seeking their P.Eng not to rush into it. It shouldn’t be a checkbox coming out of school. School provides the tools, however, it’s important to gain experience through various situations, allowing application of engineering theory in constructive ways. I encourage others to keep an open mind and soak up any experience that presents itself. There are a lot of other elements to project management. To become well-rounded, it’s important to build your knowledge of the business and learn from the field. The designation should complement your skillset, allowing you to create practical solutions for engineering problems. The P.Eng holds a lot of weight and responsibility, so it’s something you need to want and be ready to hold.