Professional Engineers Week – Katy Beckerle

To celebrate Professional Engineers Week, we’re spotlighting some of Alberici’s registered Professional Engineers. Katy Beckerle, an Assistant Project Manager, has been with Alberici for more than 6 years and earned her PE a year and a half ago. Here she shares why she decided to get her PE and how it’s affected her career.

Why did you decide to get your PE?

After working 5 years in the construction industry, I decided to pursue my PE license.  At that point in my career I had not lost my interest in the field of engineering and I wanted to continue to grow in my knowledge of the field.  As I took my licensure test in the field of Civil Engineering, my preparation broadened my understanding of a multitude of engineering topics, as well as refreshed me on the content learned in my college courses.  Deepening this understanding is also highly beneficial to my daily responsibilities as we continually work with engineering teams to build successful projects.

What have you done to maintain your certification?

I have participated in online Continuing Education courses, as well as attended industry-related classroom courses in St. Louis. These span from technical topics in design to leadership and management courses.  I try to purse courses that are directly applicable to the work I am overseeing.

How has your PE helped you in your career?

Since attaining my license a year and a half ago, my PE has helped me to understand a broader subject of topics as they are applicable to my everyday responsibilities. These topics range from civil design to construction means and methods.  Working with the engineering staff on projects, I am able to analyze situations from a broader perspective and help come up with viable solutions to field issues.  My hope is that this exposure to both construction and engineering will make me a valuable asset to the company, as well as increase my opportunities for career advancement.

What advice would you give someone seeking their PE?

I would encourage anyone who is seeking their PE license. It is a rewarding process, but can also be challenging. Be prepared to put time into preparation and study hard.  Also, reach out to your coworkers who have pursued their PE for advice.  While it may be difficult at times, I believe it is a truly valuable asset for your future.