Meredith’s Intern Experience – A Second Summer

Hey! My name is Meredith Butler and I am currently an intern at Alberici Constructors. Last summer I also interned with Alberici and I am excited to be back on a project site!

While the projects I have worked on with Alberici have been vastly different they both have been filled with countless learning opportunities.  This summer I have been working on the Missouri Botanical Garden Project where I am constantly learning more about architectural construction.  While I have been digging into different areas of the project, my main area of responsibility has included managing the Linnean House, a 137-year-old green house, restoration scope. This has been valuable experience in learning how to coordinate between subcontractors, and even coordinating with the architect. I have also been working on to build subcontract scopes, requesting proposals, and writing subcontracts. This has been an exciting opportunity to see the procurement process from start to end, well really start of work.  Additionally, I have been developing a management process for all LEED requirements Alberici is responsible for.  Really, if I kept on going over what I have done this summer the article would keep on going… to think I have another month!

Overall, both of my internships with Alberici have only grown my excitement to start a career in construction management!  I can’t wait to see where my career takes me and what I will learn along the way.