Crystal’s Intern Experience: All About the People

I recognize that this is a construction management, project management internship with many technical aspects. But I want to recognize the people aspect of this internship. Some of the interns are on out of town projects; they get to travel, see parts of the country unfamiliar to them, and connect with their project team. As a young person in college, what could be better than meeting professionals in different regions?! Some of us interns are in St. Louis. We too have the opportunity to network and learn from our experienced project teams, but we also have each other. This post is dedicated to thanking the St. Louis interns who have positively impacted my experience.

Brittney worked 3 cubicles North and 2 cubicles West from me. If there was a lull in our work scopes, we would update the trailer’s drawings together. I learned so much about this bright young lady! She loves to read and run, but not at the same time! She also recently went hiking out west with one of her best friends. What a cool gal!! We went on site walks together, taught each other what the other was learning, and always found a way to laugh…even when we got stuck in the partially constructed hospital during a lightning stand down. Thank you Brittney for sharing this job trailer with me…I think we tag-teamed it well!!

Keaton and I are both Civil Engineering majors at SLU, so we have pretty much every class together! At SLU Keaton also plays soccer and I used to be on the track team, so I have gotten to know Keaton in the athletic and academic spheres, so it was great knowing him professionally. He is clearly a hard worker and gets the job done well. Thanks, Keaton, for representing SLU well!

Jaycie is my roommate this summer and I have been fortunate to get to know her! We moved into our apartment never previously knowing each other, but that changed pretty quickly. We shared so many great conversations this summer about some really important topics. It was refreshing to have these conversations with another young person to share ideas and perspectives. Thanks, Jaycie, for being open to these worldly conversations!

Eric and I just happened to become really good friends. He lives downstairs from Jaycie and I, and is always down for an adventure. This isn’t really an adventure, but when one of us would crave Raising Cane’s (a yummy chicken fingers place), the other was always ready to go with… It didn’t help that Raising Cane’s is only two miles away. We have also gone to Forest Park, Soulard Farmer’s Market, and Webster Groves July 4th celebration! One time he, Jaycie, and I went to an Antique store. You should try it sometime…it was like endless entertainment!! Thank you, Eric, for quality conversation, uncontrollable laughter, and mediocre playlists!

I think this, along with the project team I mentioned in my first post, is a testament to Alberici’s priority of hiring great people who create a great environment. This summer, although away from home, I feel a piece of home at the project site surrounded by my project team and fellow interns. These people have given me experiences and memories that will last well into my career. Thank you team, interns, and Alberici.

Crystal is an Alberici intern blogging about her experiences at the SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital project this summer. Click here to read about her first few weeks on the project, and here to learn about her experience climbing one of the tower cranes on site. If you’re interested in joining the Alberici team, you can learn more about internships or view open positions.