Crystal’s Intern Experience: 4am Concrete Pour and Other Adventures

Crystal is an Alberici summer intern sharing her experiences. Click here to read more about her summer at the Crooked Creek project.

My second 5am pour was this week, but this time Kevin in QC told me I needed to be here at 4:00, not 4:30. Yikes!! Good thing I am a morning person. I was here (and smiling) before 4:00 am. But what really made this pour more significant was the length of time and depth of knowledge I have accumulated on the Solids/Dewatering Building from Robert (Superintendent), Ramon (Foreman), and others. I have learned about the sequencing for the decks and walls, rebar and sleeves in the deck at elevation 925.00, and equipment in and around the building. Being right there to see it all get covered up brought the process full circle. 

Additionally, I have always admired the people who are vibrating, screeding, and floating the concrete; It is a physically taxing job that requires top notch precision and plenty of patience. That morning was my opportunity to really get an inside look, so I made friends with the finishers! They taught me a little something…

Look, I am floating the concrete!

So this job is great: I learn new aspects of construction daily, I am hands-on in the field, and I also get to challenge myself by navigating new software and creating new tracking systems. But a job/career is about more than your hours at work. I think it is really important to find what makes you come alive and do it and do it often. 

The thing that makes me come alive is creating adventure. I love “going for it”, getting into something that might be nothing, or it might be the best thing that has happened this month.  Adventure, big and small, has been the story of my life this summer. I have been exposed to things that give me experience I can take with me on this crazy little thing we call life. Check out a few of my adventures that have made me feel more alive than ever!

Atlanta Segway Tour

Bowling Competition

Boat Day on the largest lake in GA, Lake Lanier

Ponce City Market @ Downtown Atlanta

Jones Bridge Park @ NW Atlanta

CNN Studio Tour

World of Coca-Cola – Embracing the London 2012 Olympic Torch

MLK’s Home @ Auburn Ave.

Stone Mountain

Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches @ Screamin’ Nuts 

Rainbow Row @ Charleston, SC

Forsyth Park @ Savannah, GA

7am Yoga @ Urban Sprouts Farm, SW Atlanta

Camping @ Helen, GA

Ziplining @ Helen, GA

I got SCUBA certified!!

All of this in just 8 weeks. For interns interested in working with Alberici, GO FOR IT!! Go explore, try new things, go to a new city, step outside of your comfort zone, take a mini road trip, be friends with the other interns, say YES to new opportunities!