Wright City WWTP

Wright City, Missouri

The Wright City (WC) Waste Water Treatment Facility (WWTF) Project is a new greenfield waste treatment facility that is going to be built on the South-East side of Wright City, MO.  The new WC WWTF will be located adjacent to the existing WC WWTF which is currently owned and operated by Public Water Supply District 2 (PWSD2).  American Foods Group (AFG) is constructing a new meat processing facility in Wright City, and the waste flows from this new plant were too large for the existing WC WWTF lagoon system that PWSD2 utilizes. AFG and PWSD2 have partnered together to build (AFG) and operate (PWSD2) this new WWTF. Woodard & Curran, Inc. (W&C) and Alberici have partnered together to be the design-built team to construct this new facility.  The startup of the WWTF is tied to the opening of AFG’s new meat processing facility.  Due to this constraint, time is of the essence.  The project will be funded by AFG and PWSD2 and there are no State or Federal Funding agencies involved with this project.  The Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) construction permitting process is not required for this project. 

Other project information:

  1. This project does not need to comply with any federal requirements for American Iron & Steel (AIS) or Buy American Build American (BABA). Import materials are acceptable
  2. This project requires Missouri Prevailing Wage Rates. The current wage rates are posted on the smartbid plan site. Prevailing wage rates are updated on a regular basis and are not locked in for a project until the prime contract is executed. If the rates are updated between the time subcontractors proposals are submitted and the prime contract is executed, ACI will notify the subcontractors of the change and have everyone update their proposals.
  3. Project is sales tax exempt. An exception cert will be included with the subcontract / purchase order
  4. For all materials please include Freight FOB Jobsite.
  5. A preliminary site plan is attached indicating jobsite trailer location, parking, and laydown areas.
  6. A preliminary project schedule is attached, please review this and provide input on duration and activities.
  7. Alberici will provide sanitation facilities for field staff, potable water and temporary electric is provided on site.
  8. If you anticipate having a jobsite trailer on site, please provide information in your scope of work about the number of trailers and size, so we can adequately provide temporary electric.
  9. An example subcontract and purchase order are available for review on the plansite. Please review these documents along with all insurance requirements.
  10. As this project is heavily schedule driven, we are developing costs & issuing contracts before the final drawings are developed and will have to make assumptions where needed. We will rely heavily on our subs and suppliers to develop detailed scopes of work to ensure that we are pricing this project accurately and to ensure we don’t have any scope gaps. Please be as specific as possible when developing your scope of work within your quote.
  11. The geotechnical report for this site is available on the smartbid plan site.

BID DATE: 8/8/23 5pm – unless noted otherwise in the individual scope of work