Shoal Creek Filter Plant Water Quality Sampling Improvements

Buford, Georgia

The Work is located at the Shoal Creek Filter Plant, 1755 Buford Dam Rd, Buford,GA 30518 The Work to be performed under this Contract includes, but is not limited to, constructing the Work described below and all related appurtenances. The Work includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Clear site as necessary for removal, repair, and/or installation of the proposed improvements and maintain erosion control measures throughout the duration of the project.
  2. Restore all disturbed areas such as roadways, driveways, parking areas, curbs, curb and gutter, sidewalks, yards, ornamental plantings, etc., and clean-up the project work area and return the area to its pre-construction conditions.
  3. Install new piping trench from High Service Pump Station (HSPS) to Filter/Operations Building as shown and specified.
  4. Install four (4) new sample pumps and appurtenances inside the HSPS.
  5. Install new sample lines from the high service pump station to the Operator’s Laboratory through the new piping trench and inside the HSPS and Filter/Operations Building.
  6. Install new drain lines for excess sample water to discharge from the sample lines in the filter building to the air gap structure.
  7. Install a new sample tap, buried sample piping, and appurtenances from the buried plant water suction piping fed by Clearwell 1 to the High Service Pump Station.
  8. Demolish and reroute the plant water sample line through the sample water trench and filter building to the operator’s lab.
  9. Demolish existing sample water piping and appurtenances in the high service pump station and the filter building. Repair, patch, and coat the areas where demolition occurs.
  10. Install new, and repurpose existing, online analytical equipment for sample water at the HSPS and the operator’s lab.
  11. Install electrical conduit and/or duct bank as required for analytical equipment, pumps and all other equipment shown or specified.
  12. Install instrumentation and controls as shown and specified.
  13. Demolish existing lab sink and install new lab sink and faucets in the Operator’s Lab. Replace piping and tubing beneath the lab sink as shown in the contract drawings. Replace cabinet doors at the rear of the lab sink.
  14. Perform programming of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and configuration of human machine interface (HMI) configuration using MR Systems as the system integrator.