Kaw Point Biosolids Improvements

Kansas City, Kansas

UG Water Partners (UGWP), which is a joint venture between CAS Constructors and Burns & McDonnell, are working to design and construct a new solids handling system for the existing Kaw Point Waste Treatment Plant for United Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City (UG). This is a progressive design-build project that will construct a new anerobic digester complex to improve the sludge treatment capacity of the plant. Our team has developed 60% design documents and is currently seeking proposals based on these documents. This project will encompass the following areas of work:

  1.        Hazardous Material removal & remediation 
  2.        Site development including mass grading, yard piping, paving, seeding
  3.        Three new prestressed concrete digesters
  4.        New digester complex building  
  5.        New high strength waste receiving building
  6.        Two new gravity thickeners
  7.        New sludge blend tank
  8.        Improvements to the existing Secondary Clarifier Complex Building
  9.        Improvements & retrofit of the existing Ozone Building
  10.        Improvements in the existing UV building for a new non-potable water pump station
  11.        Odor Control
  12.        Biogas processing

Bid Date: 9/15/23, 2pm unless noted otherwise in the individual scopes of work