Highland Creek Treatment Plant Fluidized Bed Incinerato

Toronto, Ontario

The Work to be performed under the Contract at the Highland Creek WWTP is to be completed in four phases:

  1. Relocations & Select Portions of the South Facility, consists of civil, structural, process, mechanical, electrical modifications and upgrades to allow for the demolition of existing Heat Recovery Building
  2. Demolition of the existing Heat Recovery Building
  3. Construction of new Fluid Bed Incineration Building, including civil, structural, architectural, building services, process mechanical, electrical, instrumentation & controls, new security & communications systems
  4. Remaining South Facility upgrades and modifications not completed in Phase 1, including demolition, civil, structural, architectural, building services, process mechanical, electrical, instrumentation & controls, new security & communications systems.

***PLEASE EMAIL QUOTATIONS TO aclestimating@alberici.com

  1. All sub-trade bidders MUST provide applicable Unit Prices as requested in the Ariba Pricing Form a minimum 1 day in advance of closing. 
  2. Bidders are directed to review all tender documents including Information to Tenderers and Division 1 prior to submitting their tender. 
  3. All subcontractor pricing is to remain firm for acceptance for the duration of the tender validity period as described in the specifications. 
  4. Successful subcontractors will be required to be eligible for coverage under the Subcontractor Default Insurance (SDI) program used by Alberici Constructors, Ltd. 
  5. Successful subcontractors will be required to adhere to the requirements of the Alberici Safety Program, Quality Program and Environmental Program, all of which are available for inspection in our office.
  6. Successful subcontractors on this project will be expected to sign our standard subcontract form, please read and review the form which is available for inspection in our office or at alberici.ca
  7. We cannot guarantee that any quotation received within one (1) hour before closing time will be considered. 
  8. Lowest, or any tender, not necessarily accepted. 
  9. Alberici Constructors, Ltd. is a union contractor signatory to construction trade unions affiliated with the AFL – CIO. All subcontractors performing field work on Alberici projects will be required to use only trades-people who are members in good standing of the union(s) and local(s) whose jurisdiction is applicable to the subcontractor’s work. List of signatory unions is available for viewing at alberici.ca
  10. Alberici WILL  prepare a  Mechanical estimate for this project. We also invite interested mechanical contractors to submit Mechanical bids as our policy is to award to the lowest compliant price received at closing time. 
  11. Alberici WILL NOT self-perform Electrical work for this project. We invite interested Electrical Subcontractors to submit Electrical bids.
  12. It is Alberici policy to award work to the lowest compliant bidder received on bid day. All subtrade bids are subject to a post bid review for compliance with the bid document requirements prior to award.

All lead letters from subcontractors required three business days prior to tender closing date. Taxes: 13% HST Extra 


Brian Lawley



Chief Estimator

Colin Penlerick



Senior Estimator

Ahmad Assaf



Senior Estimator

Serge Jovanovic



Mechanical Estimator

Sylvain Gauthier



Mechanical Manager