Austin’s Intern Experience – Part of the Team

Even though I’m working toward a degree in Mechanical Engineering, construction has always interested me. A fast-paced, dynamic work environment is my kind of work environment, and the job site provides just that. I enjoy the fact that it requires all different walks of life to come together and work toward a common goal. During my two internships at Alberici, I have experienced many different aspects of the industry while working on two very different projects. Both have been highly rewarding, as each team I’ve worked with hasn’t been afraid to get me involved with new, challenging tasks that are important to the success of the project.

On top of that, the people at Alberici really make you feel like a part of the team from the moment you walk through the door (or, in this year’s case, join the first conference call). They are always checking in to see how everything is going, how I’m enjoying my experience, and if I need anything from them. It doesn’t matter if I’m at a job site meeting or playing bocce ball at the office, I always feel like a welcome part of the Alberici team.